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Updated: May 15

Derma rolling, skin pen, derma pen, there are many known names for devices out there, but what exactly is it?

The treatment method will range depending on which device is used during treatment (I use skinpen as it is FDA approved, for maximum results and minimal downtime) but in general it’s carried out with a small handheld device with stainless steel needles.

Your aesthetician will determine the depth of penetration during your consultation, depending on the concerns being treated. Whether the concern is more epidermal (superficial) or dermal (deep) a general rule is the more stimulation required, the deeper the penetration required. This treatment can be used to treat a multitude of skin concerns, ranging from acne scaring to melasma to general anti-ageing and rejuvenation.

Treatment Process

Pre-numbing using lidocaine can be carried out prior to treatment, although not always necessary, I wouldn’t recommend putting yourself through the discomfort if you can avoid it.

Topical medical grade solutions are applied prior to starting the treatment, as these products will contain hugely beneficial ingredients to enhance the healing process.

The device is used all over the skin until the clinical endpoint is reached, this usually means we look for redness or spot bleeding.

The treatment causes a wound healing response to be triggered, thus stimulating the fibroblast receptors and boosting the collagen and elastin production by up to 125%. Redness and warmth on the skin will be visible for up to 2 days post treatment, as the needeling process causes an inflammatory response to start the healing process.

You can boost the effects of this treatment by adding a number of topical solutions such as my favourite C E Ferulic by Skinceuticles or combing this treatment with platelet rich plasma also known as PRP or the vampire facial.

Over a period of sessions spaced out monthly, the skin will start to appear smoother, brighter, tighter, and more youthful. Who doesn’t want all of the above?!


To book a Collagen Therapy treatment with me, or to find out more information, please click the link below and submit a consultation request on my page.


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