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Updated: May 15

With age our skin’s natural cell turnover decreases resulting in dull, uneven skin tone and rough skin texture.

Topical retinol creams help promote turnover which means dead skin cells are removed faster, revealing visibly healthier and brighter skin.

Retinol’s exfoliation mechanism helps improve the appearance of blemishes by preventing dead skin cells from clogging pores.

Purity is essential for retinol efficacy in skin, as pure retinol most easily converts to retinoic acid in skin. Always look for high concentration of pure retinol vs. retinol derivatives such as retinyl palmitate.

Cosmeceutical brands such as @zoskinhealth and @officialmedik8 uses pure, high concentrations of retinol enhanced with stabilisation technology to ensure maximum conversion and efficacy.


Retinol and the sun ☀️

Pure retinol acts as a strong exfoliant, which can render skin sensitive to sun and UV damage. I recommended that you apply in the evening and always use in conjunction with a high factor sunscreen during the day. Usually I would avoid the use of retinol during peak summer months, to save the risk of stimulating pigmentation.

How to use it 🔍

Use in the evening after cleansing, apply a pea-sized amount to the tips of the fingers. Using too much retinol can irritate the skin. Dab the product onto your face, avoiding the eye area and massage firmly until it has absorbed into skin. For optimal results, allow for absorption before applying other skincare products.

I always recommend starting with a lower percentage such at @zoskinhealth 0.5% skin Brightener, and using the 3, 2, 1 approach.

Use once every 3 days for a month, then up to every 2 days for a month, then every other day for a month. This should take you to the end of the product, after this you can up the strength or move onto another product.

Of course, using SPF 30 or above is absolutely crucial during this phase as retinol enhances photosensitivity.


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