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Vitamin C

Updated: May 15

Nowadays, no matter where you are in the world, our skin is daily and constantly bombarded with pollution, free radicals, UVA UVB, exposure, and even the lights from all the technology is that we daily use including our phone, can have a damaging effect on our skin.

We all know the importance of this key essential vitamin in our daily diet, the minute we detect a tiny little sniffle we reach straight for the pressed orange juice, ginger shot or the trustee borroca.

But do you really know the importance this ingredient has and the key function it plays within our daily skincare regime?

Vitamin C (also know as L-ascorbic acid) is one of the most powerful antioxidants available within the skin care industry, because of this, it is loved by many skincare professionals (including myself).

This ingredient has the ability to neutralise free radicals, protect the skin from oxidative stress and reverse collagen and elastin breakdown.

But there are many different forms versions of solutions and brands that claim to be the best. This can be offputting and very tricky for a novice when it comes to skincare.

In my experience, you should up for L-ascorbic acid in one of the most purist forms, as it can be extremely reactive on skins that tend to be more sensitive.

For this reason I would recommend seeing a skincare professional before purchasing any form of at home use vitamin C, and using a cosmeceutical strength, product will always provide better quality of ingredients.

Having a vitamin C peel and using products such as skinceuticles C E Ferulic or obagi medical 15% vit C, will guarantee to give your skin back all the goodness and protection that it deserves.


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